Beard and Mustache Transplant

About Beard & Mustache Transplant

Beard and mustache are now becoming a part of the new generation styles. Beard and Mustache transplant are surgical processes for those men who suffer from spotty or patchy loss of hair of the beard and moustache. In the process we restore hair to areas where facial hair growth is thin or missing. Healthy thick hair that has flourished elsewhere on your body is selected as a requirement and transplanted to the target area.

Benefits of Beard & Mustache Transplant

  • Permanent results
  • Safe surgical procedure
  • Requires only local anesthetic
  • Transplanted hairs function as normal hair
  • The new beard can be trimmed and shaved as usual
  • Covers burns or scars permanently, if required

What to expect?

The procedure takes 3 to 5 hours depending upon the quantity and your Dream beard will be the outcome which you can feel within 3 months and lasts lifetime.

Who will benefit?

This is the perfect solution most awaited by young mens looking for a stylish beard and sometimes it’s useful to cover up scars or burns in faces.

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