Hair Fixing

What is Hair Fixing Treatment?

Hair Fixing is one of our non-surgical hair restoration process suggested to people who are in early stagesAs the name indicates, hair fixing is just fixing a hair system (wig/ hair piece/toupee) that best suits the texture and color of your hair with the help of hair clips made of plastic/metal. It is a temporary solution, which means it is worn only when needed. Certified hair fixing centers near you can help you cover up baldness, or just enhance the look, feel, and volume of your hair through hair fixing, without adhesives or surgery. of excessive hair loss and who did not prefer any surgical or adhesive methods. It is a popular method. In the process hair patch with metal clips-on the underside will be attached to your existing hair with assistance of experts.

Benefits of Hair Fixing

  • Immediate, natural-looking results
  • Low maintenance
  • No shaving required
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Lot customization options
  • Easy to use
  • Free of pain/side effects

What to Expect?

Once the professionals who are well versed in hair fixing services choose the right hair fixture that blends well with your natural hair color and texture, experts at Hair Revive, the total hair loss solution center in Kochi help you learn to fix it and remove it on your own.

How Long does it take to Apply the Hair Patch?

It takes hardly 10 minutes to apply the hair patch. It is quite easy to apply and remove the hair patch. The durability of the hair patch depends on maintenance. You get proper guidelines for maintenance from the hair-fixing experts in Kochi.

Who will Benefit?

People struggling with partial baldness in the center of the head benefit the most from hair-fixing services in Kerala.

What is the Hair Fixing Cost in Kochi?

Certified hair fixing clinics offer best in class hair-fixing services that satisfies a customer form every aspects. Hair fixing price varies from person person as the nature of the baldness, and the volume of the hair needed are not the same in all the cases. Anyhow, the hair fixing rates in Kerala are affordable and genuine hair loss solution canters always provide an EMI option for the customers.

hair Fixing

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