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What is PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

PRP hair loss treatment in Kerala has been gaining popularity recently. It involves using the patient’s own blood to stimulate the growth of new healthy hair follicles. PRP hair treatment in Kochi is a painless procedure that demands almost zero recovery time. PRP hair treatment cost varies from person to person depending on the severity of hair loss. The best hair restoration experts offer the best PRP treatment in Kerala at a reasonable cost.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

  • improved thickness and density
  • increased scalp coverage
  • visible results within a short span of time
  • progressive improvements with time
  • effective in treating hair loss in men; and hair loss in women
  • follow up as suggested ensures unbelievable results

Join hands with the best PRP hair treatment clinics in Kochi for guaranteed and long-term benefits. Get the best treatment at a fair PRP hair treatment price. They are the experts in Androgenetic Alopecia Treatment, Female Hair Loss Treatment, and many more!

What to expect?

  • Consult with a qualified and experienced hair specialist doctor
  • The doctor will assess your condition
  • The procedure itself typically involves taking a sample of blood from the patient’s arm which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate out platelets that contain growth factors.
  •  These platelets are then injected into areas where there has been thinning or balding on the scalp. 
  • After several treatments, patients can expect to see thicker and healthier-looking hair as well as the improved overall health of their scalp.
  • It takes 6 months for visible, long-lasting results

Who will benefit?

  • Men and women experiencing thinning or balding due to age or genetics 
  • Those who suffer from androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata.

What are the Other Effective Treatments for Hair Loss?

GFC hair treatment, direct hair implantation, and PRF treatment for hair. GFC hair treatment in Kochi is of international standards and is on par with the best GFC treatment in Kerala. Avail of the best treatments from certified centers at competent GFC hair treatment costs. GFC hair treatment prices can vary depending on the condition of the patient.

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